Best decision I’ve made, wasted so many years to try to get where I am now and it’s only taken me 4 months with your knowledge and training style.

Just want to say thanks again for getting me to where I am, was stuck in a shit place start of the year felt down and unmotivated and this has not only helped me physically but helped me a lot mentally, kept me focused and disciplined, pushed my body to limits I didn’t think was possible, would recommend to anyone who’s not feeling good this really helps mentally and you feel great after.


I couldn’t believe how simple building a muscular defined physique was. I’d struggled to get muscular and see muscle definition for years No matter what I tried, I was still stuck with tirelessly working on my body, and had little to show for it. The thought of dread would sink in days down the beach. But since stumbling across Dwil at paramount everything has changed.

These days I feel 100% in total confidence walking inside the gym, knowing my plan is working like a treat. Not just that, It had a big impact on my well being. And the best bit is that I don't have to starve myself or bypass a pint or two… The only regret is that I didn’t work with him sooner.


I've tried various plans & diets by researching all over the internet, but nothing compared to what you experience from Dwil. 

The absolute confidence and knowledge you get out of his personal structured approach is incredible.

The fact you get to enjoy life and still bring forward results at the same time is unbelievable.

The results speak for themselves.


I wasn’t seeing changes in myself and couldn’t understand why, in my mind, I was doing everything right. I was eating clean. training properly but the reality was I was just winging it. I basically had no sense of direction.

I needed someone like Dwil to teach me, guide me and support me in a way to reach my goals but exceed them. Dwil at Paramount® was the right man for the job, easily.


“I’ve spent years trying to get a lean athletic body. I always claimed to be happy with my progress before, but deep down I still didn't like what I see in the mirror, and most importantly I didn't truly feel confident.

“I can genuinely say that I have never felt so confident and secure in my entire life, and it’s all thanks to Paramount Coaching” 

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For the first time in my life I’ve actually laughed and said to myself this is me when I look at this picture. It’s been an unbelievable 4 months and you’ve helped me climb out of a deep shity black hole which I was in.

I know this is what I pay you to do for me, but in my opinion I get so much more than I pay for and couldn't speak any more highly of you


You've helped me go from feeling so rough about myself to feeling unreal about my body.

It's been the best investment I've made in myself over the past 6 months. I'm in a position where I feel better than I ever have and in my perspective, I look a lot better than I ever have.


 "I’ve experienced huge swings in my weight and general health also picking up lots of niggly injuries along the way all down to bad training which led to me quitting.” Dwil has never once told me to stop eating or drinking (I do love a pint or 10….) what I want, instead he has taught me how to manage it alongside a very structured and simple training plan. I remember our very 1st call, Dwil asked what I wanted to achieve.

I said to lose 10kg (way exceeded that), gain muscle (gained way more than I ever imagined and it’s only going to get better!) be healthier, and improve my mental health." “Obviously, it’s great to see the physical change I’ve achieved but the best thing is how much healthier I am and the positive impact it’s had on my life in general. Really can’t thank you enough man!”

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