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We are very committed to getting the best out of our clients, working very closely together because we care about your health & results. We do not just push you on the gym floor, we push you to be your best. 

We offer individual one to one personal training for those seeking the best possible outcome towards their goals. If you're looking for a highly skilled personal trainer in Jersey (Channel Islands) Paramount is the ideal choice for results based upon one to one personal training.

We have a variety of diverse packages starting from a 1 month subscription (1 month minimum). This however includes 12 training sessions & our nutrition service within the month to ensure you as a client are getting the best possible outcome.

All of our packages will be planned around your goals & lifestyle. We will always highly recommend an initial consultation prior to starting.


​Providing evidence-based dietary advice including a full assessment of activity levels & providing an in-depth analysis of dietary intake based upon your starting point. This will be done on a weekly basis & may be adjusted along the way to make sure you are on track with your goals and fits with your current lifestyle at the time.

Progress & achieving your goals are at the forefront of our plan.

Between us, we will plan weekly goals revolving around your nutritional behaviours and habits ensuring you are continually improving.

Making necessary adjustments if needed, ensuring you as a client are enjoying the foods you're consuming & ultimately achieving your goals.

what does our  nutrition  service include?


online coaching

Our online coaching service is a great cost-effective option we offer for local or distance clientele.

What is included?

  • Online coaching is experiencing our services without being geographically suited to the trainer. 

  • Much like personal training begins with an assessment & gathering information about your self so we can keep it bespoke towards you.​

  • Access to challenging, goal specific workouts using a user friendly chosen software that we use for our online clientele.​

  • Weekly nutrition updates, we will assess what you feel works for your plan & learn how to manage your nutrition around your current lifestyle.​

  • Healthy recipes that are all calorie & macronutrient counted to help you stay on track.​

  • We will have weekly check-ins via your preferred way of contact so that we can see how well your plan is going & making any necessary changes if needed.

"The level of commitment I received was outstanding, helping me loose over 22lbs in such a short time frame was a real shock to me as I was stuck in my mind that I would never get out my worst weight.

Not just an awesome trainer but a brilliant educator that I would highly recommend.

- Alice Kennedy