How everyday guys are cracking the code to a lean, athletic physique.

What you can expect from Project Lean®

  • Access to the Project Lean® 7 day workshop where you'll have a step by step guide on to start transforming your body and without the industry complicated noise.

  • Working with a dedicated coach and be held accountable and get all the support you need to achieve your dream physique.

  • Nutrition simplified where I explain how to set up a personalised nutrition structure for life changing results.

  • Training planning unleash your full potential with a training system that fits seamlessly into your daily life.

  • Uncovering common misconceptions that are pushing back your lean, athletic physique further & further away.

  • Live Q&A so that your questions never go un answered.


Online Trainer - Jersey, Channel Islands

Dwil Sousa

Dear Friend Mate,

If there's one thing I've become very good at these past 6 years, it's helping men get into shape in a way that's simple, laid-back and fun.

I've walked in your shoes with a desire to transform my physique, but I faced the challenges of balancing nutrition, finding the right workouts, and overcoming mental hurdles.

What I offer is more than expertise – it's a true understanding of your journey.

Project Lean® starts on 9th of October.